March 4th: Crafty Computer Controllers with MaKey MaKey


At our kickoff Make-HER workshop, #LadyMaker Corinne Okada Takara taught twenty mother/daughter teams about simple circuitry and conductivity using MaKey MaKey devices connected to laptop computers.

Mother and daughter teams then worked through a design thinking challenge and built low-resolution prototypes to address needs in public spaces. Maya, Elsa and their mom created this prototype for speeding passengers through airport security. As Maya explains, “The system has a timer, which starts when the passenger steps on a conductive surface and stops when the passenger steps on another conductive surface as they go through the X-ray door. The time gets displayed on a “leaderboard” above the area where passengers prepare, encouraging them to compete for a shorter time.”

Corinne wrapped up the workshop by giving a short introduction to Scratch programming, and before long the girls had programmed their own interactive animations. Next up, Toy Inventing with MaKey MaKey on March 18th.  Follow the progress of our Make-HER girls and see what they come up with next!

The Make-HER program thanks Krause Center for Innovation for the use of their laptop computers for this workshop.



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