March 18th: Toy Design with MaKey MaKey

At our second Make-HER workshop, #LadyMaker Corinne Okada Takara led twenty mother/daughter teams through a purpose-driven design journey using art supplies, recycled materials, and MaKey MaKey devices connected to laptop computers. Corinne asked the teams to think about what bothers them most at the doctor’s office or hospital. She also asked them to recall the hardest things to learn when they were young. How might the girls improve those difficult experiences with an interactive toy? The room was soon buzzing as moms and daughters began to brainstorm and build.

In the hands of these creative Make-HER designers, simple supplies became conductive prototypes that solved real-world problems. As one mother noted, “It was great to be creative and be able to think out of the box. First I thought this was going to be hard but I really enjoyed it. I was surprised how much my daughter knows and can do!”

Next up, #LadyMaker Tenaya Hurst will introduce Wearable Technology on April 1st.  Follow the Make-HER blog to see what our moms and daughters come up with next!

The Make-HER program thanks the Krause Center for Innovation for the use of their laptops for this workshop.


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