April 1st: Wearable Technology

What happens when you combine fabric, needle, thread and…electricity?  #LadyMaker Tenaya Hurst introduced mothers and daughters to soft, interactive e-textile design at this #WearableWednesday Make-HER workshop. Each team received a RogueMaking kit containing a LilyPad microcontroller, LED lights, batteries, needles, and conductive thread. Using alligator clips as testers, mothers and daughters learned about negative and positive charge and then sewed working circuits with their conductive thread. In this challenging workshop, Make-HER teams learned that getting electricity to work the way you want requires some testing, failing, and trying again. By the end of the evening however, several girls were wearing technology. Next up in the Make-HER Workshop series, ArtBots on April 15th, followed by Architecture & Design on April 18th.


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