May 27: Paper Engineering

Can folded paper protect something as soft as a marshmallow from falling weights? This was the question posed by #LadyMaker Lindsay Balfour. To begin this engineering challenge, Lindsay taught mothers and daughters special rolling, folding, and taping techniques needed to create sturdy paper triangles.

Using wooden dowels, our Make-HER girls rolled and folded hundreds of tight paper tubes until tables were covered with bright paper triangles. These triangles were surprisingly sturdy.

Lindsay then challenged the teams to use the triangles as building blocks for structures strong enough to withstand a series of falling weights. Each team had a different approach.

Some girls found time to accessorize as well.

In the end, every structure tested protected its marshmallow from ten pounds of falling weight.

Most showing little signs of wear, the structures went home for more design and testing. Well done, engineers!


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