January 5, 2016: Magical Twinkling Fairy Houses

TinkerBelles Lauren Cage and Erin Salter kicked off Make-HER 2016 with a return to circuitry. Emphasizing the on/off switch, moms and daughters designed circuits to bring light into a tiny abode. Which elements of the house or the decor might be used to complete the circuit and light the hidden LED? After a brief lesson on circuit basics, participants sketched out their circuits and began planning their designs.

The task wasn’t easy; it required patience and troubleshooting.

One by one, the houses began to light up!

Then the fun of decorating began.

Each fairy house was beautiful and unique, and each used a different method – whether pushing on a flower or closing a small door – to complete the circuit and switch on.

Moms and daughters were proud of their creations and showed them off in a light-up fairy village.


Watch for our next workshop on Wednesday, February 24th. A team from IEEE’s Women in Photonics will teach Make-HER moms and daughters about light and optics through a variety of hands-on activities and experiments.


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