April 5, 2016: Sci Fi Superheroines

Make-HER took a literary approach to STEM learning in this creative writing workshop. Ladymaker Christa Flores asked mother/daughter teams to build and costume a jointed cardboard figure, turning it into a female superhero. What is the character willing to fight for or protect? What are her special gifts and strengths?  What are her hopes and dreams? How does her costume reflect who she is?

After defining the obstacle faced by their superheroines, moms and daughters imagined what kind of device their characters would invent to tackle their challenges. A tool? A piece of art? A code, structure or system? Using recycled materials, the teams built models of these inventions and then imagined what happened when the devices were tested. Were they effective? Why or why not?

With their stories complete, girls took the mic to present their characters, obstacles, and prototype inventions.

To see more of these superheroine stories, click through the following slide show.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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