October 4, 2016: Light-up Superhero Masks

In this creative paper circuitry challenge, Ladymaker Corinne Takara asked moms and daughters first to consider themselves as superheroes – with both strengths and weaknesses. Before any building began, our Make-HER girls identified the unique skills they bring to group work. From their abundance of creative ideas to their time management skills, their ability to calm people down to their organizational strengths – everyone had their individual superpowers. Moms and daughters also identified their “kryptonite,” those circumstances that are most challenging in group work.

With access to a full table of copper tape, LED’s, batteries, paper plates, and bling, moms and daughters followed a set of simple instructions to create their masks.


To close the workshop, girls took a turn at the microphone and described the process of building their masks and the superpowers that inspired the designs.

Before heading off into the night, mother and daughter superheroes gathered for a final group shot!


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