December 6, 2016: Rapid Prototyping with Recyclables

Ladymaker Sam King led moms and daughters through the process of identifying problems, brainstorming solutions, and creating low resolution prototypes with recycled materials. Beginning with a brainstorming exercise, moms and daughters identified problems ranging from barking dogs to dirty laundry. She then asked participants to identify their favorite materials to work with and personal themes – or styles – which included rainbows, turtles, sparkly objects, and soccer.

Once all the ideas were on display, participants chose a slip from each category and used those to brainstorm and sketch problem solving designs. What might YOU do to address barking dogs with sparkles as a favorite material and soccer as a theme?? With similar trios of seemingly mismatched requirements, moms and daughters began to get creative.

After this exercise, the teams were ready to identify their own problem, brainstorm solutions, and sketch designs.

With a wide choice of recycled cardboard, plastics, and art supplies, teams began generating physical representations, or prototypes, of their designs.

After they’d gone through the steps of problem identification, brainstorming, sketching, and building, the girls took the microphone and presented their prototypes. Click through the following slide show and read the captions to learn about the problem-solving devices our Make-HER ladies created!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.








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